At the beginning of the eighties, the internationally highly regarded French Company Meilland found a marvellous pale pink colored rose seedling during part of its annual selection work in its testing fields.
The not so charming name Ingres was given to this rose.
Neither the form of the blooms nor the type of the rose corresponded with the breeding criteria at this time.
Therefore no particular attention was granted to this rose. The love of the romantic and nostalgic roses had not taken off yet.

BKN Strobel, Meilland's German general agency for the past fifty years, was looking for promising new breeds for the German market in June 1983, as they do every year.
With a rose enthusiast's unmistakable glimpse and the desire for beauty, Klaus-Jürgen Strobel was drawn to the rose Ingres at the testing fields in Southern France.
He was convinced that this rose, so different than all the other ones at this time, would institute a new trend.
After the rose had successfully passed the required tests in the German climate, it was immediately put on the market.

A new rose variety was found but which name was the most adequate?
This rose was christened in France with the name Pierre de Ronsard® as a suggestion of the city of Paris which wanted to honor its great son and poet on the 400th anniversary of his death in 1985.
Klaus-Jürgen Strobel was so stimulated by this rose's beauty and paradisiacal perfection that he gave it the name Eden Rose® in Germany.

It was, however, not only a newly founded rose variety, but rather the foundation of a completely new development of roses, also for the company Meilland.
Eden Rose®, a climbing rose, is the mother of the family of the Romantica® roses, which have established themselves well on today's market.
More than three million Eden Rose® roses have been planted worldwide in gardens and parks over the last twenty years.
Every year this Romantica® rose ranks among the top ten roses sold throughout the world.